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Planning Websites That Work

How well you plan will have tremendous impact on how your new web site will look, function and “feel,” how completely it will meet your needs and expectations, and how much it will cost! There is much you can do to reduce the total cost of your site.

Web site design tip

1. Frames A framed site usually has only one URL and therefore can only get one listing, which usually only contains frameset info (no keywords). You’ll end up with one weak search engine listing, if any. In addition, splitting a page into frames is very confusing for users since frames break the fundamental user model […]

The most important thing

As I refelct on things that I’ve learned in my career (still at a relatively early stage) , I realize that talent, skill or experience are not the most important thing that has brought me this far. The most important thing you can ever have that will bring you success if reliability. Always do what […]

Tips on optimizing flash movies

Recently I worked on a flash banner. As we all know, there is a size limitation for all banner files. The max file size for this particular banner is 20K. After I published the swf, I found out that the file size was 22K. So I had to trim 2 K. Here are few tricks […]