Tips on optimizing flash movies

Recently I worked on a flash banner. As we all know, there is a size limitation for all banner files. The max file size for this particular banner is 20K.

  • After I published the swf, I found out that the file size was 22K. So I had to trim 2 K. Here are few tricks that I used to cut the file size from 22K to 17K: That movie used 4 different fonts. I broke down the text into shapes so flash wouldn’t need to include the data for entire character shape for each font.
  • Simplified some gradients.
  • Optimized shapes. The logo symbol used in this banner had many overlapping shapes. Since the logo size was relatively small, simplifying the logo shapes wouldn’t change its appearance.
  • Minimize the use of bitmap/raster images
  • Re-optimize raster images used in the movie and re-import it.