Use Meta tags

Although Meta tags aren’t nearly as important as they used to be, you still should be including them. Meta-tag description and meta-tag keywords attribute should be used on every page you want indexed by the search engines. If you have a page you don’t want indexed, use the robots exclusion tag. The robots.txt exclusion protocol has more support with spiders. Continue reading

Keywords Placement

Keyword placement is another important aspect of Keyword Management and is an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy. You need to know and understand how the Search Engines weigh keyword placement. For example, Search Engines will weigh data in your title more heavily than elsewhere in your page. Continue reading

Keywords and Content

Include your Keywords in your content text. This is how you communicate to the Search Engines what your page is all about. If I want someone looking for information on “Search Engine Marketing” to be able to access a page then be sure the keyword term “Search Engine Marketing” appears somewhere in the content text. Preferably, it should appear a number of times. As you can see, this is what I’ve done for this page. Continue reading

Keyword Selection

The best keywords from an SEO marketing point of view are keywords and keyword phrases that the Internet user is actually searching for. Spend the time and choose your keywords carefully. It’s also a good idea to analyse your competition to see what keywords they are using. The most cost effective keywords are the keywords generating high volumes of carefully targeted traffic that your competition has overlooked.

The Simplicity of SEO

Keep it Simple Stupid…
KISS is another one of those overused clich?s that has never been so appropriate as it is today in the designing and writing of web pages. Probably the most common mistake made by some webmasters is including content invisible to the search engines. When it comes to frames, images, dynamic content, and things like flash… Search Engine Spiders are about as blind as a bat on a sunny day. Continue reading