The Simplicity of SEO

Keep it Simple Stupid…
KISS is another one of those overused clich?s that has never been so appropriate as it is today in the designing and writing of web pages. Probably the most common mistake made by some webmasters is including content invisible to the search engines. When it comes to frames, images, dynamic content, and things like flash… Search Engine Spiders are about as blind as a bat on a sunny day.

Whenever possible, be sure to include alternative text in your graphic images, clearly describing the graphic image using your keywords, and never use alternative text in an image that has nothing to do with your web page.

Frame Pages simply cannot be indexed. If your site uses frames, the Search Engines can’t go anywhere once they get to your site. When using frames, doorway pages are the solution to higher rankings in search results.

Images can be cool. In fact web pages that are almost nothing but images are often the most beautiful. Content can be displayed in the most visually pleasing way with the use of images. The problem of course is that the search engine spiders don’t have eyes, so they are unable to appreciate the beautifully formatted text in your images. Lets face it, ‘yourimage.jpg’ is not spider food and it doesn’t count as content or relevancy either. So, with that said, when it comes to Search Engine Placement… Don’t go image crazy cause you risk reducing the density of spider food contained within your page.

What all this means is that a site built on the foundation of simplicity and quality content is more visible and more highly ranked by most and all of The Major Search Engines and Directory Services in use today!

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