Web site design tip

1. Frames
A framed site usually has only one URL and therefore can only get one listing, which usually only contains frameset info (no keywords). You’ll end up with one weak search engine listing, if any.

In addition, splitting a page into frames is very confusing for users since frames break the fundamental user model of the web page. All of a sudden, you cannot bookmark the current page and return to it (the bookmark points to another version of the frameset), URLs stop working, and printouts become difficult. Even worse, the predictability of user actions goes out the window. Who knows what information will appear where when you click on a link? Continue reading

The most important thing

As I refelct on things that I’ve learned in my career (still at a relatively early stage) , I realize that talent, skill or experience are not the most important thing that has brought me this far.

The most important thing you can ever have that will bring you success if reliability. Always do what you say you would. I learned this in my first graphic design class. I still remember vividly what my professor said that became the principle that guides the way I view work. He said: “No matter how good your piece is, if you miss the deadline, it’s worth nothing…big zero.”
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Tips on optimizing flash movies

Recently I worked on a flash banner. As we all know, there is a size limitation for all banner files. The max file size for this particular banner is 20K.

  • After I published the swf, I found out that the file size was 22K. So I had to trim 2 K. Here are few tricks that I used to cut the file size from 22K to 17K: That movie used 4 different fonts. I broke down the text into shapes so flash wouldn’t need to include the data for entire character shape for each font.
  • Simplified some gradients.
  • Optimized shapes. The logo symbol used in this banner had many overlapping shapes. Since the logo size was relatively small, simplifying the logo shapes wouldn’t change its appearance.
  • Minimize the use of bitmap/raster images
  • Re-optimize raster images used in the movie and re-import it.


Internet Glossary


  • E-mail: an e-mail address that usually looks something like this: ginny@geniegraphics.com.
  • Web site: an internet address (see URL) that usually looks something like this: http://www.eightlinks.com

A small application that is downloaded to a client’s computer for use on with the web browser.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange – coding method used to represent standard alphanumerics in computer readable form.
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